How to Prevent Accidental Listings

Limit sending specific SKU data to channels in Zentail

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In certain situations, you will want to assure that specific SKUs do not appear in a given channel. This may be due to brand management, business strategy, or quality control purposes. In Zentail there are two ways to disable product data for specific SKUs and prevent accidental listings: per SKU and in bulk.

Option 1: Disabling Product Data per SKU

If you are managing SKUs individually you can disable sending product data to specific channels by disabling product data on the SKU Channel Advanced Options. By doing this we can limit the creation of SKUs for Amazon, Walmart, Big Commerce, and Shopify.

Step 1: Go to Catalog and select Manage Catalog.

Step 2: In the search bar enter the desired SKU and then select the SKU by clicking on it to open the Edit SKU view.

Step 3: On the left sidebar menu scroll to the desired channel you wish to disable and click on the gear icon to open the Advanced Options box.

Step 4: Within the Advanced Options box click on the "Disable Product Data" toggle.

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the dialog box and click "Update" to save the change.

Option 2: Using a Bulk Action to Disable Product Data

If you have a large number of SKUs you want to prevent from listing to a given channel, you can run a bulk action to Disable Product Data. Within QuickEdit, you can use a shared attribute such as a brand or an added label like "do not list" to filter the desired SKUs you wish to Disable Product Data. Once you have created the custom filter view we can use this to run a Bulk Action.

Step 1: From the Custom Filter View, Select "Create Bulk Action" on the top left header.

Step 2: Within the Bulk Actions Page select the Blue circle "+" icon towards the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Within the Define Action Dialog Box Click Set Action Type: "SET VALUE".

Step 4: Within Define Action Dialog Box Click "Select Field and enter [integration name] ([desired channel]) Disable Product Data.

Example: Zentail Store #2 (Amazon) Disable Product Data

Step 5: Within the To Value type "True".

Step 6: Select "ADD".

Step 7: Select "Create Bulk Action".

Option 3: Remove a required value to make the SKU Unlistable.

Another way of assuring that a listing does not appear in a given channel is by removing a value from a field that is required by the specific channel. In essence, you will be creating a critical issue; thus you will be unable to send data to that listing due to the critical issue. Each channel has different channel requirements that can cause a critical issue.

As an example, if I were to remove the "smart type" value for an SKU I would no longer be able to list the product on an Amazon Channel due to the critical issue it will cause.

NOTE: In general we advise that this option be reserved as a last case/rare use as intentionally creating critical issues limits the flexibility and functionality of your Catalog within Zentail.

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