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Disable Product Data between Zentail and Walmart on a Per SKU basis
Disable Product Data between Zentail and Walmart on a Per SKU basis

Use Walmart product data sync override on a per SKU basis to preserve existing product data on your Walmart listings.

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You can enable or disable Zentail to send product data to Walmart for individual SKUs. This allows you to send updates to Walmart for a specific set of SKUs and not your whole catalog. This is useful if you would like Zentail to leave certain SKUs in your Walmart Seller Center untouched. A common use case is when sellers have a few products enrolled in Walmart's 2 Day Shipping program and doesn't want Zentail to change the shipping settings for these SKUs.

Walmart Product Data Sync Override on a Per SKU Basis

It's important to note a few things:

  1. Zentail will never send Product Data to Walmart if you have Product Data Sync disabled on your Integrations page

  2. Product Data is independent from inventory feeds. This override does not affect Zentail's ability to send inventory feeds to Walmart.

Set up the Product Data Override on the User Interface

  1. Go to your Catalog Page

  2. Click on a SKU

  3. Click Advanced Options in the Walmart Channel card

  4. Toggle the switch to Enable (or Disable) for the SKU of interest

  5. Click Update

Set up the Product Data Override using the Import/Export Feature

  1. Go to Export > Create Custom Template.

  2. Add a column to your report for the (Walmart) Disable Product Data attribute

  3. Once you’ve clicked Submit to save your template, you can easily download it by going to Import and clicking on the download icon next to your template name.

  4. Add the SKUs you wish to disable product data for and set the Disable Product Data values to 1. Note: This is a Boolean attribute. Setting the value equal to 1 indicates this field is true and product data is disabled for the associated SKU.

  5. Save the file as a .CSV file and then upload it to Zentail.

Please refer to How to use Import / Export to make Bulk Edits to Catalog and Inventory to review how to leverage the import and export tools on Zentail!

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