You know how to set SKUs to list, but what information does Zentail actually send when a SKU is set to list and when it is de-listed from a channel?

Into Sent When Set to List

When a SKU is set to list, Zentail sends the following:

  • Product Data

  • Pricing

  • Inventory

You can view the feed details for each SKU by using the View Feed Message feature

Info Sent When Set to Don't List

When you set an item to Don't List after it has been listed, Zentail does not send:

  • Product Data

  • Pricing

Zentail does send:

  • Inventory (as Out of Stock)

You may also notice the green arrows forming a circle that appear after de-listing a SKU from a channel: 

These green arrows indicate the "Exists on Channel" attribute being enabled. With this enabled Zentail will treat the SKU as if it still exists on the channel, with it disabled Zentail will treat the SKU as if it does not exist on the channel (no feeds sent at all). While it can be toggled off, we don't usually recommend doing this because Zentail will no longer send a quantity of 0 (so whatever the last quantity that was on the channel will be the one set). 

There are some rare cases where you could utilize this "exists on channel" field by turning it on or off, but please contact the support team before making changes to it. 

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