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How to use the QuickEdit catalog view in Zentail

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The Quick Edit view is a flexible and customizable way to view and edit your data! Use this feature to:

Create and Save Custom Views

Once you have set up the view just as you want it, make sure to SAVE AS NEW VIEW so you can come back to it later! If you make changes to the view (adding / removing columns or changing your filters) you will have the option to either SAVE AS NEW VIEW, OVERWRITE CURRENT VIEW, or REVERT TO ORIGINAL VIEW.

The top 10 most recently used view will remain in the quick drop down section. You can still access addition Quick Edit views by Viewing More.

Make Quick Edits

Navigate through each field by clicking on it OR using the arrow key on your keyboard. Focusing out of a cell saves that value. Please note, there is no undo option once you have moved away from editing that cell.

A lock icon means this field is not an editable value (example: sku or the quantity for alias SKUs).

After making your changes you can use the "Refresh Table" button to confirm your changes have been saved. 

Using Filters

Once you have added a column to your Quick Edit view, you can then choose to include a filter based on that attribute. Commonly used filters include: Is blank, Contains, Less Than and Greater Than.

If you are using the Between filter, you can use the inclusive checkbox to state whether or not you want your filter to include the numbers in your constraints. For example, if you filter your Item Price for Between 20 and 30, and you want to display SKUs that are priced at 20 or at 30, you would make sure the inclusive checkbox is selected.

Sometimes after setting a filter you might see the table get stuck or go blank. Try using the "Refresh Table" button to reload the table with your new filters. If you still see it blank, check to make sure your filters are correct. 

Advanced Filters

By default filters are "AND".  You can view the fill filter formula at the top, and change it to "OR" if you'd like.

Export your Quick Edit View

Use the Export View option to export your Quick Edit view into a .csv file. You will be able to download this export from the Import / Export page > Previous Exports

The export will enforce any filters you have in place. The exported file will not maintain the sort rule you had when you exported it. It will be exported sorted by SKU.

Pro Tips

  • If you edit a shared attribute for a product group it will make the change for the entire group (you do not need to be in the master sku to change title for example)

  • The Quick Edit view contains all exportable fields from the import / export

Run a Bulk Action

By clicking the "Create Bulk Action" button in the top right you can run an action on all the products in the current view from Bulk Actions page.  In other words, it allows you to edit all of the products in the current filter using a bulk process.  For more info on how to create a bulk action, check out this help article. For some examples of QuickEdit/Bulk Action pairings check out this article

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