You can enable or disable Zentail to send product data to Amazon for individual SKUs. This allows you to send updates to Amazon for a specific set of SKUs and not your whole catalog. This is useful if you would like Zentail to leave certain SKUs in your Amazon seller central untouched. A common use case is when sellers have Enhanced Brand Content on some Amazon listings because Amazon does not allow integrations to manage Enhanced Brand Content through feeds.

Before we begin it's important to note a few things:

  1. Zentail will never send product data to Amazon if you have Product Data Sync disabled on your Integrations page.

  2. Product Data is independent from pricing or inventory feeds. This override does not affect Zentail's ability to send pricing or inventory feeds to Amazon.

You can disable the product data sync to Amazon on a per SKU basis via the Advanced Options for Amazon or in bulk using QuickEdit and/or Import/Export. These options are outlined below.

Set up the Product Data Override via Advanced Options

  1. Go to your Catalog Page.

  2. Click on the SKU of interest.

  3. Click Advanced Options on the Amazon card.

  4. Toggle the switch to Enable to turn off the product data sync for that SKU.

  5. Click Update and Push to save changes.

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Set up the Product Data Override in Bulk using QuickEdit

  1. Go to QuickEdit and add the column for (Amazon) Disable Product Data. To help get you started, the correct column has already been added in this QuickEdit view.

  2. Filter the QuickEdit table for the SKU(s) you want to disable product data on.

  3. At this point, you can either:

    1. Directly edit the Disable Product Data values in QuickEdit for the SKUs of interest, OR

    2. Click on Export View to download the report, edit it, and then upload the .csv file via Import.

Note: (Amazon) Disable Product Data is a Boolean attribute so the question is whether or not the override setting is enabled. The values are:

1 or True > Override is turned on, so product data is disabled regardless of the settings on your integrations page.

0 or False > Override is turned off, so the SKU will follow the settings on your integrations page.

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