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Using QuickEdit to Audit Product Groups
Using QuickEdit to Audit Product Groups

QuickEdit is a handy way to troubleshoot variations errors, or auditing your product data in variant groups

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There are a number of reasons you might want to view a product group in its entirety. Perhaps you have a duplicate variation critical issue, or maybe you are confronted with the eBay error about a "missing name in the variation specifics". Or perhaps you just need to review all your image URLs or want to set title overrides for specific channels for a particular product group. The possibilities are endless!

QuickEdit is the perfect tool for viewing complete product group information, making it easier to spot any of these potential problems and quickly address listing errors or add missing data.

Depending on how your SKUs are standardized it can be difficult to filter on the SKU column and get all the SKUs in a certain product group without missing SKUs or getting more SKUs than are in the group. In this case, adding the Master SKU column allows you to filter for all the SKUs in that group no matter how your SKUs are standardized. 

Step One:  Create a QuickEdit view

In Quick Edit, add the Master SKU column. (Here's a QuickEdit view where this column is already in place for you!) 

Step Two:  Filter the table

Filter the Master SKU column for the value of the master SKU of the product group. Be sure to click "Refresh Table". 

Step Three:  Add pivot attributes or other columns 

  • If you are trying to address the duplicate variation error, add columns for each of the Pivot Attributes identified for the product group. Now you can easily check for any variants that are missing a pivot attribute. Once that's done, you can sort the attribute columns to make it simpler to spot any SKUs that share the same pivot attribute or combination of attributes.

  • If you are trying to audit or manage images for a product group, add the columns for Primary Image URL, Image 1 Url, Image 2 Url, etc. 

  • If you are trying to address eBay's "missing name in the variation specifics" error, add the MPN and UPC columns and ensure that it is filled out for all variants in the group. 

Important Note:  Don't forget that you can uncheck the default "Active Products Only" box in the Advanced Filters so that you are sure to include archived as well as active SKUs.  

In summary, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the ways that QuickEdit can be used to manage product groups.  Whether you need to update pricing, channel title overrides, or other product variant data remember that you can leverage QuickEdit to help you make efficient use of your valuable time!

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