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Common eBay Errors and How to Resolve Them
Error: Missing name in the variation specifics or variation specifics set.
Error: Missing name in the variation specifics or variation specifics set.

Learn what this eBay listing error means and how to fix it.

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When publishing product groups to eBay from Zentail, occasionally you might run into this error from eBay: 

"Missing name in the variation specifics or variation specifics set."

When this error happens, what eBay is trying to say is that it sees some shared attributes are filled out on the product, but not all shared attributes are complete for each product in the product group.

The two most common causes are

  • Not all products in the group have an MPN filled in (or set shared MPN)

  • Not all products have their pivot value filled in (i.e. the color field if the group varies by color)

Other possible causes include

  • All products have a price filled in (or set shared price)

  • All products have a title and description filled in

  • All products have a UPC filled in

If neither of these work, our support team will be able to do additional troubleshooting for you.

Example / More Context

Let's say you have three T-shirts in a product group in Zentail that are ready to be posted to eBay. Two of the shirts are labeled in Zentail as having material: cotton, but one of the shirts has a blank space in the material field in Zentail. 

The shirt with the blank space instead of 'cotton' for the material field will create the 'Missing name in the variation specifics' error for eBay because eBay will be able to assign the material to two of the SKUs, but not all of the SKUs.  

This error can happen for many other fields as well - color, size, material, and more. The key is to make sure that all shared fields are filled out for each product in the group. 

To fix this issue, double check your product group data and make sure that all SKUs in your product group each have attributes filled out appropriately. 

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