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Update your Facebook Integration in Zentail
Update your Facebook Integration in Zentail

New API changes to the Facebook integration in Zentail requires reconnecting

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On October 9, 2019 we made an API change to our Facebook integration to include additional permissions per Facebook's API requirements. 

Nothing should change about your experience selling on Facebook, this is only a technical change but will still require you to re-authenticate your integration with Facebook by the deadline of October 23rd, 2019

Use this "Reconnect to Facebook" button while signed into Facebook as the page admin to re-authenticate your integration with Facebook and continue selling products on your Facebook Shop, Facebook Marketplace, and Daily/Featured Deals through Zentail. 

You'll find it under the "Connection Settings" section of your Facebook integration in the Integration Settings in Zentail. After pressing the button, you'll be redirected to Facebook to grant Zentail permissions. Select the page(s) you want to grant the permissions for and then make sure all three permissions are granted. Click "Done" to save. 

Note: If you have multiple pages connected through Zentail you will need to do this for each page. Re-authentication must be done with the Facebook page admin.

And that's it! You're good to go. 

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