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Setting up Facebook Marketplace: Common Questions and Answers
Setting up Facebook Marketplace: Common Questions and Answers

Review this article to see frequently asked questions when launching Facebook Marketplace through Zentail.

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A great resource for learning more about managing your Facebook Shop is the Facebook business knowledge base. This article covers the following subjects:

Publish your Shop

Please follow the below steps if you need to enable your facebook page to include the Shop tab.

  • Go to your Page

  • Click on Settings (top right)

  • Go to Templates and Tabs

  • Scroll to Shop > Show Shop Tab > ensure it’s toggled to “ON”

Delete an existing Shop

  1. Navigate to yourFacebook Page

  2. Click the Shop tab

  3. Click the "gear icon" dropdown and select Delete shop

  4. Click the Delete Shop button

You can learn more here: delete a shop from your Facebook page.

If you are still having issues, let us know and we can help triage the problem!

Tax Registration Number

As part of setting up a Facebook Shop, we ask for your state tax registration number for every state where you have a tax nexus, except those that don't have sales tax. Sales taxes will be calculated by Facebook for all states where you have provided a state tax registration number.

You can learn more about Facebook's policy about taxes and the State Tax Registration Number for Shops here: Learn more here!

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