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Best Practices for Selling on Facebook

An overview of the available tools and features to increase your sales on Facebook

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Grow your sales on Facebook

Facebook Page

Your Facecbook page is a place for people to meet your business. Managing your Facebook Page pays off! Learn more about Facebook pages here.

  • Create engaging posts. Posts make it easy to communicate and share updates with your customers and community. Learn more here.
    - Post regularly
    - Grab attention, regularly
    - Include photos, videos, links
    - Schedule posts
    - Pin important posts

  • Build an audience for your Page by promoting it to the right people. Follow this guide to learn how to build an active and enaged audience.

  • Stay in touch with your customers. Learn more here.

  • Make informed decisions by monitoring your Page Insights.

Manage your shop through Zentail

Make sure you have a Shop created and managed by Zentail. This way, you can easily populate your catalog, track and manage your orders, and easily manage inventory and pricing from Zentail!

Keep in mind that your shop will only appear to your Page's visitors after you add at least one product and it gets reviewed and approved.

Products from your shop may also appear in Marketplace if they're eligible and approved by our Marketplace team.

Apply to Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace is a convenient destination on Facebook to discover, buy and sell items. People can find what they're looking for by filtering their results by location, category and price. Whether it's discovering an everyday household item or their next car, buyers can conveniently shop on-the-go using Marketplace.

 By completing the steps outlined here, you will have automatically requested approval to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

List Popular or Exclusive Items

Give the people what they want! Make sure you have some of your most popular items listed and available for purchase in your Facebook Shop.

Competitive and Strikethrough Pricing

Consider the all-in cost to your customers. What do they need to pay to purchase your item and have it shipped to them? How does that price compare to similar items on other marketplaces? Your item price + shipping price is known as the total landed price and is the amount customers actually consider when making purchasing decisions. So make sure you have a competitive total landed price.

Make sure you take into account your expected profit-margin when setting prices for Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace has no listing fees,  allowing your business to offer even better deals to consumers.

Use the MSRP attribute in Zentail to create listings on Facebook with strikethrough pricing. You can give the appearance of a sale on your product listings with this, and Zentail will automatically strike through your MSRP and show your item price as the sale price as long as your MSRP is filled out.

There are a number of tools you can use on Zentail to set  pricing specific for Facebook Marketplace, like bulk actions, import / export, and the price view.

Include Quality Product Data

Better quantity content will help boost the performance of your products. So make sure your SKUs have:

  • An accurate SMART Type: this will ensure your product is properly categorized on Facebook Marketplace! Learn more about SMART Types here.

  • High quality images: Usually two or three images per product, aim for 2000 pixels (but make sure they're at least 1000 pixels). Learn more here.

  • Accurate descriptions: Find a good balance between a thorough description and something that's clean and easy to read. Usually 500 - 2,000 characters.

  • Attractive descriptions: Take advantage of Zentail's WYSIWYG editor to add bold text or line breaks to your description. Or use a channel-specific description override and include other HTML fields.

  • Fill in your Bullet Points: Try to use 1-3 bullet points on all of your listings. If you can fill in all 5, even better! This should be a 1 or 2 sentence description of your product.

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