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How to Use an eBay Product ID (ePID)
How to Use an eBay Product ID (ePID)

List against eBay's competitive Buy Box offers from Zentail

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eBay Product ID (ePID) listings are catalog listings on eBay for competitive items. Like ASINs on Amazon, ePIDs exist as Global Reference IDs on eBay that are more specific than UPC.  Zentail offers you the ability to list on ePID listings and expand your exposure in eBay search results.  Think of it as an EasyList for eBay!

How to list against an ePID

Within, search for the item that you are looking to list and find the ePID listing. This listing should not be specific to any eBay seller, but rather have a Buy Box price and "other sellers" offers for each condition. 

Once you find the ePID listing that you want to sell against, copy the ePID from that listing and paste it in the eBay Product ID field on Zentail.

Why list using ePID?

There's a few reasons to list against ePID listings if you sell competitive products. The primary reason is that when a customer searches for products on eBay, these are often the results that appear near or at the top of any search results for these products.

Additionally, listing on an ePID listing also creates a separate storefront eBay listing, but with the About This Product details that display on the ePID listings also displaying.

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