ASIN Management on Zentail

Control your Amazon catalog from Zentail using a variety of methods including EasyList and Desired ASIN

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Amazon is a different animal than any other marketplace, fortunately Zentail offers different ways to manage your Amazon catalog directly on Zentail!

Generate new ASINs from Zentail

Each product category or Amazon department has slightly different requirements. Some categories require minimal information, while other categories have extensive requirements. Below is a list of basic information applicable to all categories.

Here are the steps for generating new ASINs from Zentail:

Enter the basic product attributes (bold and italicized attributes are generally required):

  • UPC - You may want to consider purchasing UPCs

  • Brand

  • MPN

  • Sales Price

  • Quantity

  • Title

  • Description - Must be under 2,000 characters. You can use an Amazon Description Override in the Advanced Options.

  • Tags - not required, enter your keywords here to improve Amazon search optimization.

  • Bullet Points -- you can add less than the 5 provided in Zentail. Must be under 500 characters

2. In the CATEGORY & DESCRIPTION tab, find the "Categorization" section and input the Amazon Item Type -- click the arrow icon to the right of the field to browse Amazon's product classifier; use the "Valid Values" or "Node ID" value. Amazon Product Type -- click the arrow icon to the right of the field to select from our Category Browser.

3. Save by clicking the blue check mark button on the bottom right of the page.

4. In the "Channels" section on the left sidebar for this SKU, for Amazon, if there is no toggle button to set the SKU to "List", check for Critical Issues and view the errors returned by Amazon to complete the data that Amazon is asking for.

  • Repeat step 4 until the toggle button appears, se the toggle button to "List".

  • If an 'eye' icon linking to your new ASIN does not appear within 15 mins, check for error messages from Amazon until the 'eye' icon appears.


  • Some Amazon Product Types will require additional attributes than those listed in Step 1, these required attributes will be listed under the Amazon Critical Issues. 

  • Once an ASIN is generated, it may take 15 - 45 minutes for all data to flow through to the new listing. Images are typically the slowest to populate, please be patient.

  • Contact us if you are having trouble generating an ASIN

UPC to ASIN Matching

UPC to ASIN matching is available on a per-SKU basis for both the EasyList and Desired ASIN fields.

EasyList ASIN

EasyList is a listing framework Zentail has developed which simplifies the process of listing SKUs to competitive listings on Amazon.  At the bottom of this article, we review instances when you should use EasyList and instances when you should not use it.

How to List to Existing ASINs using EasyList

Our original system for listing to Amazon would send all product data to Amazon. This caused issues with Amazon frequently rejecting SKUs because one or more attributes attributes did not match the ASIN's data.

By using EasyList, if you want to list to a specific ASIN, just use our ASIN Matcher or manually paste the ASIN into the EasyList ASIN field. Instead of sending all product data which gives Amazon the chance to reject your feed, all Zentail does is sends SKU, ASIN, Title, Description, Condition, and Merchant Shipping Group. The title does not need to match Amazon's title.

  1. Click on a SKU

  2. Click on Edit 

  3. Scroll down to the "EasyList ASIN" field under General Info - Note: If you have a valid UPC, you can match the UPC to the ASIN by clicking on the "Browse" button.

Who should use this feature

There are a number of situations where we recommend using EasyList.

  1. When selling on a competitive ASIN on Amazon

  2. When you do not have complete product data in Zentail but you still wish to sell on an ASIN on Amazon.

  3. When you have data in Zentail that differs from the data on an Amazon ASIN, but you still wish to sell on that ASIN. This most often occurs when Amazon has poor quality data for an ASIN.

Who should NOT use this feature

If you have control over an ASIN on Amazon, you should not use EasyList. This prevents Zentail from sending the full product information to Amazon*, which is something they require when you have control over an ASIN. This is most common for sellers with their own Brand.

If this is the case, you should remove the ASIN from the Easylist ASIN field on Zentail, and simply keep your UPC / EAN / ISBN / GTIN filled in. 

*Note: EasyList means Zentail will only send SKU, ASIN, title, description, condition, and shipping group to Amazon.

Example listed SKU sending EasyList ASIN

Notice that unlike when sending full product data to Amazon, EasyList only generates feeds for Product Data, Pricing, and Inventory and no feed for Images.

Note: If both the EasyList and Desired ASIN fields are filled out, Zentail will default to EasyList.

Desired ASIN

Imagine you control an listing on Amazon and another seller uses your UPC to create a totally different ASIN on Amazon. You then list from Zentail with the UPC as the primary identifier and Amazon takes that data and publishes your listing on the alternate (and wrong) ASIN. Never fear! Zentail gives you the option to send full product data for to a specific ASIN!

  1. Click on a SKU

  2. Click on Edit 

  3. Scroll down to the "Desired ASIN" field under General Info - Note: If you have a valid UPC, you can match the UPC to the ASIN by clicking on the "Browse" button.

Example listed SKU using Desired ASIN

Notice that we are sending full product data with the Desired ASIN as the primary product identifier. When sending full product data, we will also send Image feeds as well as Relationship feeds for variation groups from the Master SKU.

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