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Activity Log

A tool for researching product history and finding out where, when, and who made changes in the Zentail platform

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The Activity Log is a QuickEdit-style table to view changes that have been made across the Zentail platform.  Using it you can track changes made to entities such as products, reports, and orders by both users and integrations, including custom API integrations and the Zentail system. 

The Activity Log reflects when each change was made, the user/integration that made the change, and what the change was.  You can filter the table to look at all changes made by a certain user/integration and also filter to look at updates within a certain time period. 

You can access the Activity Log here.  Read on to see some examples and details about the filterable columns!

Column Definitions and How to Filter Them

Event Timestamp - the date and time when a change was made.  This can be filtered to show updates made before or after a given date or between two dates.  For example, to see all activity on or after 08/19/2109, set the filter to Ts Greater Than 08/19/2019 and check "inclusive":

Entity Type - the kinds of objects that you can search.  Possible entity types include
Products, Warehouse Products (Inventory info), Sales Orders, and Order Line Items. For a complete list see Entity Types below.

Table Reference indicates the specific SKU, order, integration, etc. that was updated. For more information read about Table References below.

Editor Type indicates whether a user, integration, or report (import) made the update.
Editor Reference
shows the specific user, integration, or report (import) that made the change.

Attribute is a field specific to the entity type.  This column identifies the entity attribute that was changed.  For more information about the attributes associated with the respective entity types see Entity Types below.

Old Value indicates the value of the Attribute prior to the change.

New Value indicates the value of the Attribute due to the change.

Entity Types

One way to use the Activity Log is to filter by specific entity type of interest.  Listed below are the possible Entity Types (in bold).  For each entity type, the possible Attribute values that are associated with it are in the bulleted list that follows. 

Sales Order

  • status

  • reseller_status

  • fulfilled_json

  • complete

  • acknowledged

  • fulfillment_order_id_json

  • status_updated_ts

Order Line Item

  • status

  • warehouse_json

  • reserved_json

  • decremented_quantity

  • refund

  • return_quantity

  • cancel_quantity


  • standard_product_id

  • created_ts

  • asin

  • easylist_asin

  • type

  • title

  • item_price

  • msrp

  • map

  • cost

  • still_in_catalog

  • default_image_id

  • smart_type

  • f_b_a

  • product_group_id

  • reference_product_id

  • and various attributes

Product Groups

  • master_product_id

  • variant_attributes

Warehouse Products

  • quantity

  • assembled_quantity

  • bin_location

Product / Integration

  • delist

  • max_listings

  • reseller_item_id

  • reseller_item_variant_id

  • lowest_landed_price

  • has_buy_box

  • price_override

  • reseller_status

  • m_f_sku

  • sku_override

  • fba_price_override

  • ever_listed

  • and various other

Product Image

  • url


  • tracking


  • active

  • role_id

  • fulfillment_center_id

  • warehouse_id

  • and various permission_overrides

Company Settings

  • fulfill_preference

  • brands

  • inventory_threshold

Table References

The possible Table Reference values you can search for in the Activity Log depend on the related Entity Type. For example, if you are searching for inventory changes to a specific SKU in one of your warehouses, you would filter the Table Reference for equals "Warehouse Products" and the Table Reference for "[sku] in [warehouse name]" as shown below.

Listed below are the table references (in brackets) associated with each of the entity types.  

Report: Feed # [report #]
User: [first] [last]
Sales Order: [order number]
Product: [sku]
Product / Integration: [sku] on [label] [channel]
Warehouse Products: [sku] in [warehouse name]

Use Case Examples

The Activity Log is a great tool to quickly answer questions about what changes were made where in your Zentail account such as when or how inventory changes were made for a specific SKU.  

Another good use-case is for employees within your organization to check each others' work.  Monitoring the table updates of other coworkers allows for another set of eyes to catch changes that were made unintentionally, by accident, or incorrectly. 

Example 1:  
To identify the changes to cost made on a specific SKU, filter the Table Reference field for the SKU and filter the Attribute field for "cost".  The table that is returned reflects the history of changes made to cost for that SKU:

Example 2:
To see the history of inventory changes made by a specific user in a given time frame, filter the Editor Reference for the user's name, filter the Attribute field for "quantity" and filter the Event Timestamp for the time frame of interest (e.g. after a specified date, before a specified date, or between two dates).  

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