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Viewing the Product History of your SKUs
Viewing the Product History of your SKUs

Track changes to price, inventory, title, and more.

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For a given SKU, you can view a comprehensive timeline of recent pricing and inventory updates and orders associated with the SKU.  Here's how:

  1. From the Catalog, search for and select the SKU of interest by clicking on it.

  2. Click on the large gear icon near the top of the left sidebar.

  3. From the menu that pops up select Product History.

  4. By default, All Activity will appear. You can instead focus on Inventory Updates, Pricing Updates, Sales Updates, or Product Data Updates by using the drop-down menu.

Pricing Updates

Pricing updates will be stored in the product history. There is also a graph tracking the previous 48 hours of the item price on Zentail. This graph will denote whether this product owned Amazon's buy box at a specific price and time. 

Product Data Updates

Currently, changes to Title, Smart Type, Amazon Item Type, Package Weight, and Model Number are tracked as Product Data changes. Other changes, like images, description, and bullet points, are not tracked in the Product History of a SKU.

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