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Setting up your eBay Integrations Page
Setting up your eBay Integrations Page

A walk through of the different options on your eBay integrations page and whether or not they're right for you.

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Your integrations page controls high level items about your eBay integration, like your account credentials, feed options, and other account-wide settings.

NOTE: If you are already connected to eBay, you will see Connected - Yes on the top of the integration page:

If you simply need to reconnect, click AUTHENTICATE and sign in with your eBay admin credentials.

To get to your integrations page, go to the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen and select integrations.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll see when you click on eBay, broken into two sections.

 1. Test Mode or Production Mode
This is an over-arching on/off switch for your integration with eBay.  If this is in "test mode", Zentail will not communicate with your eBay Account.

2. Production API Authorization Token
This is the credential that Zentail uses to access your eBay.  This should automatically populate after clicking the "Authenticate" button.

3. PayPal Email Address
This is the PayPal email address used for your eBay account.

4. Max Listed Quantity (help article)
 This sets a maximum inventory level that will be sent to eBay for any given product.  This can be overridden on a per SKU basis.

5. Use Business Policies (help article)
Check this and click save to select the payment, shipping, and return policies you use on your eBay account.

6. Enable Feedback Automation
 Allows you to automatically provide feedback when someone purchases a product from you on eBay.

7. Leave Feedback Immediately
If you'd prefer for this feedback to happen after payment check this box.  If you'd prefer to wait for a positive review from the buyer before providing feedback then leave this unchecked.

8. Feedback Message
This is the message that will automatically be sent to the buyer if you've opted into Feedback Automation.

9. Business Policies (help article)
You must select a default payment, shipping, and returns policy for your eBay products.
Note: This can be overridden on a per product basis.

10. Feed Options
These determine whether or not Zentail is allowed to send Product Data, Price, and Inventory information for products set to list.
Note: If Orders is enabled then Zentail will pull in eBay orders.

11. Send Description as Plain Text
Zentail has a default eBay template to help make improve the buyers experience on eBay.  We recommend having this checked.
Note:  You do have the option of sending the description as plain text if you prefer by checking this off (not recommended).
Note:  Zentail is also compatible with custom eBay templates.

12. Ignore Inventory Threshold (help article)
If you check this off and have an inventory threshold, products below the threshold will still be available for sale on eBay.

13. Use Strike Through Pricing
If your eBay account is eligible to sell a discounted item on eBay and you sell a product with an item price below the MSRP then Zentail can send your pricing information with a strike through the MSRP so buyers see a juicy deal.

14. Do Not Send Secondary Category
Zentail Smart Types have both a primary and secondary eBay category.  If you would not like your products to also appear in a secondary category on eBay you can check this off.
Note: Listing to a secondary eBay category is a paid feature on eBay.

15. Default Condition Description
If you'd like your products to have a default condition description like "brand spankin' new" you could enter that here.
Note:  This can be overridden on a per SKU basis.

16. Minimum Advertised Price Policy (help article)
If you sell products with a MAP price you have the option to either:
Not Send MAP Price (Don't Send) or Show in Cart or Show at Checkout

17. Manage Business Policies
Allows you to see all the business policies in your eBay account.

19. Reload Categories
If you use a custom eBay store this connects the categories you use on eBay to Zentail so you can select the correct eBay store categories for your products.

20. Update All Products
Acts as an update and push for all products.  This is a powerful button and should be used with caution.  Please chat Zentail's support team to confirm whether or not this is needed.

21. List eBay Active Products
This will set all listable SKUs in your catalog to list on eBay.

22. Title
This is the name of your eBay integration for internal reference only.

23. eBay Description Template
Steps for configuring your eBay template can be found HERE.

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