Description Template

You can use custom description templates to make your eBay listings look even more awesome. If you're looking for a design firm to create a custom eBay theme, please contact our partner, Frooition (official eBay template design partner) -- ask for Andrew Evans and let them know you're with Zentail. 

Here's how to get your custom description template implemented quickly:

1. Insert Zentail's tags into your template:

  • {{product.overridden_title}}

  • {{nl2br_description}}

  • {{product.default_image_url}}

  • {{product.image_url_1}}

  • {{product.image_url_2}}

  • {{product.image_url_3}}

  • {{product.image_url_4}}

  • {{product.image_url_5}}

  • {{product.image_url_6}}

  • {{product.image_url_7}}

  • {{product.image_url_8}}

  • {{product.image_url_9}}

  • {{thumbnail_url_1}}

  • {{thumbnail_url_2}}

  • {{thumbnail_url_3}}

  • {{thumbnail_url_4}}

  • {{thumbnail_url_5}}

  • {{thumbnail_url_6}}

  • {{thumbnail_url_7}}

  • {{thumbnail_url_8}}

  • Bullet points can be included with: bullet_points_ul which will create a list containing the bullet points

{{product_details_html}} includes the following data in a formatted table:

  • Brand

  • Color

  • Size

  • Style

  • Manufacturer

  • Product Type

  • MPN

2. Paste your entire template into the Product Description Template area at the bottom right of your eBay integration page. Make sure to click Save Settings once the template is pasted in:

Note: Please make sure to follow eBay's Browser Security Standards when including any links within your eBay template. EBay uses the HTTPS communications protocol for all listings and store pages.

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