If you are purchasing your labels outside of Zentail through a system that is not integrated with Zentail, you may want to enter the tracking info directly into the orders on Zentail or through an import! This will help you keep track of your order statuses and allow Zentail to update the channel that an order has been shipped.

Shipping an Order

  1. Navigate to the Orders page on Zentail.

  2. Select the Pending or the Need to Ship filter to find orders that have not yet been shipped.

  3. Click on the order you would like to ship.

  4. Select the SHIP button. (If you don't see the SHIP button appear, take a look at this article)

  5. If you do not need to purchase a label (you may have already done that or do not have that feature enabled on Zentail) you can disable that option using the appropriate toggle.

  6. Fill in the necessary information:
    - Carrier is required to mark an order as shipped
    - Tracking Number is required to mark an order as shipped
    - Service Level is optional
    - Cost is optional but is very beneficial for analytics purposes.

  7. Click Submit!

This can also be done by going to Import Export > Tracking Data > Tracking Report.  Note, this report is import only and orders will be marked as shipped if each SKU on the order is on a package that has tracking information.

At a minimum, this must contain SKU, Quantity, Carrier, and Tracking Number to mark an order as shipped.  The Order Number must be the Zentail Order Number.

International and Military Shipments

This will feel the exact same except for one important distinction.  Your products will need to have a tariff code in order to ship internationally or to a military base. You can assign these on the product level under the "Price & Availability" tab, or using quick edit or import export.

For additional resources to identify tariff codes, please reference this Harmonized Tariff Schedule Search.

Important Consideration: Orders View Filters

Please note, if you are not able to SHIP an order, it may be because you are viewing a different warehouse. The orders that are available for you to ship through Zentail are presented based on what warehouse they were routed to, and what warehouse you are currently viewing:

If necessary, you can re-route an order to a different warehouse on Zentail.

Partially Shipped Status and How to take action
How to manually route, or re-route an order to a Warehouse

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