For, you must first generate an RMA.  For Walmart, customer-requested returns will automatically flow into Zentail and generate an RMA.  In either case, you wait for the item to arrive at your warehouse.  Once it arrives, you want to complete the return by processing a refund.  Here's how:

  1. Click on the order that was returned to your warehouse in the Return Requested section.
  3. Select Full Refund or Partial Refund (select the amount you will be refunding) then click COMPLETE RETURN
  4. Resolve an alert on the order by scrolling down to the bottom of the left sidebar and click RESOLVE (here you have the option to enter notes) then click SUBMIT RESOLUTION.

Important info: 

  • Jet Return Requests are automatically accepted and generated to ensure a high level of service. Standard Jet Partner Portal configuration for Zentail clients is for Jet to send the customer a return shipping label.
  • Refunds processing is not currently available for Amazon and eBay orders although this functionality is expected in the near future.

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