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How to Clone a SKU

This article explains how to clone or make a copy of a SKU and the situations where you would want to do so

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These are the most common reasons why Zentail users clone SKUs:

  1. When you are selling a similar product and don't want to start from scratch.

  2. When you want to change the value of a SKU.

There are two ways to clone (make a copy of) a SKU

How to Clone an Individual SKU

  1. Go to the Catalog, search for the SKU you want to clone, and click on it to select it.

  2. Click the large gear icon at the top left of the left sidebar.

  3. Click Clone.

  4. Enter the new SKU value.

  5. Click CREATE.

How to Clone a SKU in Bulk

  • Navigate to the Import page in Zentail, and under Select Report Type > Product find the pre-built template for cloning SKUs. Click on the down arrow icon to the right to download a template with the correct headers you will need. Read Column Headers Explained below for more information.

  • Fill out the .csv file that is generated with the correct values in each column for each clone SKU you want to create. See the section “Column Headers Explained” below for more information on how to fill these out.

  • Return to Import. Under Select Report Type, click on “Clone” and then the blue Upload button to select your .csv file prepared for import.

  • Open the Advanced Options and be sure to check “Create new SKUs in Zentail if they don’t already exist”. Then click Next Step and follow the prompts through to file imported.

Column Headers Explained

Product identifier to be used. Must be unique and not exist in the catalog already.

Clone Of  
The SKU value of the source product to be copied from. This SKU will need to already exist in Zentail.

Standard Identifier to be used, default will be inherited from the source product.

This is a true or false field to determine whether the clone should be marked as FBA. If left blank, the cloned SKU will use the same setting as the reference product.

Copy Images
This is a true or false field to determine whether the clone should use the same images as the reference product.  If left blank, the cloned SKU will be not use any images.  

*Important Note:  The check box for "Create New SKUs in Zentail if they don't already exist" must be checked in order to clone!

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