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Alias SKUs and How to Create Them
Alias SKUs and How to Create Them

Alias SKUs inherit their inventory from an existing SKU. Learn how to Create alias SKUs.

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What is an Alias SKU?

Alias SKUs in Zentail are SKUs that inherit their inventory from a pre-existing "reference" SKU in Zentail. Alias SKUs by default are Merchant Fulfilled SKUs. You cannot set an Alias SKU as an FBA SKU and send FBA inventory for it.

When should I create an Alias SKU?

  1. If you are trying to list the same product to multiple ASINs on Amazon.

  2. If you want to market a product differently on the same or separate channels.

  3. If your Zentail catalog was built using Amazon-assigned SKU values, or any SKU values (i.e. they are numeric with a leading "0") that you do not want to use moving forward.

Create an Alias SKU from the User Interface

Create a New SKU:

  1. In the Catalog view, search for the SKU you want to alias and click on it to select it.

  2. Next, click on the large gear icon near the top of the left sidebar. In the menu that opens, click Create Alias, and enter a new SKU in the 'New SKU' field.  [Optionally, you may also enter a different UPC in the 'UPC' field and/or a different ASIN in the 'ASIN' field.]

  3. Click the CREATE button.

  4. Search for the new SKU, edit its product attributes if necessary and toggle it to List to your desired channel(s).

or Link an existing SKU as an Alias SKU:

  1. Find and select the SKU in your Catalog that should be treated as the the Reference Product (i.e. you want this SKU to share inventory with another SKU in the catalog).

  2. On the left sidebar for that SKU, click the large gear icon at the top of the page. Next, click Create Alias.

  3. Scroll down to the Link Existing Product section. Enter the SKU you want to turn into an Alias SKU "Existing SKU" field. Click SEARCH to find the desired SKU.

  4. Select the appropriate SKU from the search results.

Create an Alias SKU Using the Import / Export Feature

  1. Create a template with the attributes: SKU and Alias of.

  2. If you prefer, you can download (export) this template. Alternatively, you can create a CSV file with these headers.

  3. In the SKU column make sure to include the SKU pertaining to the ALIAS - this is the SKU you want to inherit its inventory from the "inventory controlling sku."

  4. In the Alias of column, include the "inventory controlling SKU" - this is the SKU that will be pushing its inventory to the Alias.

  5. Upload this CSV file using the template you created.

Note that in order for this feature to be used, the inventory controlling sku must already EXIST in your catalog.

Un-link or Un-Alias a SKU

  1. Find and select the SKU you wish to un-alias. 

  2. Click the gear icon at the top of the product sidebar on the left. 

  3. Select Unalias.

Or contact our Success Team: [email protected]. 

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