Completely deleting a SKU and all it's historical data is extremely dangerous, so a SKU cannot be entirely deleted from Zentail.  However, if you'd like to retire a SKU, or not see it in your Zentail catalog and reports, there are a couple options available to you.

This article covers the options for a:

  1. Soft Delete

  2. ReSKU a Product

Soft Delete a SKU

  1. Archiving a SKU and Marking it as Never Listed*

  2. Filtering it out using Labels

*If a SKU is just archived, Zentail will still send regular out of stock messages to channels as an overselling prevention technique.  If you want to totally delete from the channel, you can mark is as never listed by clicking the revolving green arrows on the SKU card for that channel.  If you'd like to do this in bulk, you can reach out via chat for additional assistance running a bulk action to do this.  By marking a SKU as Never Listed, Zentail will stop communicating to the channel about that SKU entirely, giving you the opportunity to delete it from the channel.

Both of these options give you the ability to filter out a SKU from your catalog views and reports.  This way, you can keep your historical data associated with the SKU.

ReSKU a Product

In some cases, people want to re-SKU a product.  To do this, there are a few steps.

  1. Archive and Delist the SKU from all channels.

  2. Wait roughly 15 minutes to ensure the old SKU will show unavailable on each channel.

  3. Mark the SKU as Neverlisted for each channel to stop communication.

  4. Clone the SKU and assign it the new SKU value.

  5. Make sure the new SKU has the correct inventory value.

Now, if you're ReSKU-ing for internal purposes, you can assign SKU overrides for each channel using the original SKU value so you don't need to change anything directly on the channels.

However, if you want the SKU to be ReSKU'd on each channel, you'll also want to delete or archive the listing on each channel before listing the new SKU.

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