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What's New on Zentail? November, 2023 Updates
What's New on Zentail? November, 2023 Updates

Learn about what's new or improved with Zentail as of November, 2023

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This article highlights just a few noteworthy improvements we've deployed through the second half of 2023.

New Product History View

The Product History feature tracks any changes made to a SKU. This includes changes to the product, price, inventory data, and updates due to sales for the SKU. The improvements to this feature are focused on providing access to the information that we have found to be most useful for users. As a result, the new product history view has more filtering options, more data accessible, and a download feature! To learn more about how to use this powerful tool, click here!

Improved Attribute Search on Quickedit

Improvements to the attribute search feature were made to allow for a more complete list of results, as well as to ensure that all channel-specific fields are returned, even when the name of the channel is not being searched.

Target Plus

After launching the beta for Target Plus earlier this year, we have seen multiple sellers complete the onboarding process through Zentail. We're excited about the opportunity Target Plus offers for those who are approved to sell there and will continue to invest in the integration. If you're interested in learning more about selling on Target Plus through Zentail, please review and follow the steps here: Getting Started on Target+

We're frozen! (code freeze)

As we have done in the past, Zentail implements a code freeze during the months of November and December. This is to ensure that Zentail is running smoothly during the peak holiday season and we've minimized the risk of any new issues that could impact your holiday sales. So, we've notified our engineering team to take the month off (jk!). Learn more about what we're working on in the coming soon section

Coming Soon...

Given conversations with our users, along with market research, our northstar for 2024 is Listing Uptime. That is, making sure your products are available for purchase when they should be!

As we've learned, what can be most impactful is improving:

  • Visibility into the status of your listings

  • Understanding of what listing errors are occuring

  • The ability to action to correct these issues, both on a SKU level and in bulk

Keep an eye out for changes to the Listing Status view in the upcoming months!

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