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Getting Started on Target+
Getting Started on Target+

Review the steps to get started selling on the Target+ Marketplace with Zentail

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Target Plus, also known as the Target+ Platform, operates similarly to its competitors Amazon Marketplace and Walmart Marketplace. As a third-party platform, it allows sellers to list their products on the website, significantly extending their reach to Target's extensive customer base.

Currently, becoming a seller on Target Plus is an exclusive opportunity offered only to those handpicked by Target itself. Target prefers that their established partners, such as Zentail, submit your company for review to start the process.

Requirements to Sell on Target+

Target Plus identifies ideal sellers based on specific criteria. To ensure the platform's reputation for quality and value, the following requirements are needed for sellers:

  1. The seller should have a physical presence in the United States. This includes both a business and a bank account based in the country.

  2. The pricing on the Target Plus marketplace should be on par with the prices on their other sales channels.

  3. Orders should be dispatched within 24 hours and reach customers in a maximum of 5 days.

  4. Cross-border trade services are not available yet. This implies that the inventory is primarily served via shipping restricted to the United States.

  5. Your products should be adhere to the Target Plus Inclusive Merchandising requirements

Before proceeding with an application, please review Requirements for Selling on Target+ to ensure you understand and meet their requirements.

Interest Submission Form

For those interested in selling on Target Plus through Zentail, please submit the Target+ Interest Form below!

Catalog Assortment

In order to apply to Target+, sellers must also include a spreadsheet of the assortment of products they wish to be considered for Target+. This allows the team to evaluate the GMV opportunity as your application is considered. It also may be used to set the goal for how many products must be launched in order to be considered "onboarded".

You can find a template to use for your assortment analysis here:

Please add any items you would like listed on the Target+ Marketplace to this spreadsheet, ensuring the following:

  • Each item includes a valid UPC/Barcode

  • Each item must have inventory or will have inventory within the onboarding timeline

  • Highlight any items which include environmentally sensitive materials (ex: batteries) in yellow

  • Highlight any LTL items in red

Below are some notes for how to complete the data for your assortment analysis:

Column Header


Partner Sku

Your product SKU value. The unique identifier you use for your products in Zentail


Also known as the UPC


Product Title

Product Description

Partner Item Category

Please refer to the recommended values in column S in the attached spreadsheet

Partner Item Subcategory

Please refer to the recommended values in column T in the attached spreadsheet

Ship Speed (Ground, 2 day, 1 day)

Retail price

Also known as the Item Price

Primary Image URL

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