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Requirements for Selling on Target+
Requirements for Selling on Target+

Before you get started with Target Plus™, use this checklist to make sure you understand and can adhere to Target's platform requirements.

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Pre-Onboarding Checklist

Before you get started with Target Plus™, use this checklist to make sure you understand and can adhere to the Target+ platform requirements.

Operational Expectations

  • Can ship within 24 business hours of an order and align to a 5 business day total transit time

  • Can ship orders without branded boxes, packing slips or marketing materials

  • Can ship with approved carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx), and will not use competitor fulfillment services (Amazon or Walmart) and can fulfill all orders from the United States

  • Can accept palletized in-store returns delivered by semi trucks at a US business address or will update item policy to destroy in-store returns

  • Can accept individual, mail-in returns directly from the guest at a US location

  • Business is registered in US and can provide W9

  • Can meet with the Target+ teams during 9am and 5pm CST

Financial Expectations

  • Can support the Target+ referral rate, which is competitive by industry

  • Can provide free shipping to guests for orders over $35 and orders from RedCard™ holders

  • Can provide the Target’s RedCard™ 5% discount on relevant orders

  • Can provide free return shipping for individual mail-in returns, and cover return service fee for items that come through Target stores

Data Expectations

  • Can integrate via approved Channel Partner

  • Can register any ESIM/Hazmat items with third-party compliance partner, UL-WERCSmart (WERCS)

  • Can register any necessary items with third-party supplement provider, Label Insights

  • Can provide size charts for all Target+ wearable items in grid (non-image) format

Onboarding Timeline Expectations

  • Has allocated a dedicated resource to learn all specific platform policies

  • Has allocated a dedicated resource for item setup and will resolve errors quickly

  • Can adhere to 120-day onboarding timeline (75% of sellable assortment approved and all onboarding trainings)

  • Can actively check Portal login email address for regular Partner communication

Productivity Expectations

  • Understands that Target reviews item productivity and has the right to remove unproductive items from

Platform Requirements

Review what Target Plus™ requires, at the highest level, to join the platform.

Overview of Requirements

  • Standards of Vendor Engagement

    • All sellers must adhere to Target’s standards of Vendor Engagement as it pertains to ethical business practices, social and labor practices, and environmental sustainability.

  • Insurance

    • Sellers are expected to have $5M in commercial general liability insurance. This may be arranged under a single policy for the full required limits, or by a combination of the underlying policy and one or more excess or umbrella liability policies.

  • Privacy

    • Seller will provide Target with current privacy policy, to be posted on the Target platform. Sellers cannot use guest information for anything beyond fulfilling a guest’s order, and will disclose all personally identifiable information that is used in that process. No personal information can be used for any marketing or communications purposes to guests. Can ship with approved carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx), and will not use competitor fulfillment services (Amazon or Walmart) and can fulfill all orders from the United States

  • Product Information & Content

    • The Seller will work with Target’s marketplace team to create the best assortment for the guest. Products must be submitted through an item approval process and meet Target guidelines for image, copy, and required item attributes. Sellers can opt-in to Targets Item Listing Service for support with product normalization and/or categorization. Sellers can work with approved third party service providers for content enhancement and services

  • Restricted Items

    • All categories require approval before a seller can list and sell products. Sellers may be required to provide brand certification in some cases. Certain item categories, types, and content that are deemed offensive or off-brand will either be restricted or require approval before being listed.

  • Pricing & Promotions

    • Sellers are fully responsible for setting and maintaining price for all items on the Target platform, including regular price, sale price, and/or MAP pricing when applicable. Sellers are required to price products on Target’s Marketplace at parity with their other sales channels.

  • Guest Services

    • Target will be first-line of guest contact and communication, and may provide a financial adjustment or benefit to the guest if necessary. Sellers must provide guests the same level of customer service and support as it is listed on their own website.

  • Defective Items & Recalls

    • Target has the right to remove a product at any time for recalls, defects or product safety issues.

  • Revenue Share

    • Sellers will be offered competitive referral fees based on industry standards.​

  • Tax

    • It is the sellers responsibility to determine whether taxes apply to transactions on the platform, and to collect, report and transmit taxes to appropriate authority in compliance with all laws. Sellers must provide Target with instructions for collecting tax on seller’s behalf.

  • Payment

    • Sellers must setup a free account with Target’s third-party money transmitter (Stripe).

  • Shipping

    • Sellers will adhere to Target’s shipping lev els and their corresponding shipping timing and shipping fees. All shipping fees collected will be transferred to the seller after any applicable referral fees. Marketplace items are subject to Target’s free ship $35 threshold and REDcard free ship policy. The Seller will adhere to all of Target’s shipping requirements, including but not limited to: approved carriers, unbranded boxes, pack slip requirements, order acceptance guidelines, estimated date of delivery expectations, and provide accurate tracking numbers.

  • Returns

    • All marketplace items are subject to Target’s return policies as they are listed on, and are available for in-store or mail-in return.

Shipping Requirements

Read through the Target Plus™ requirements for your fulfillment to ensure we’re the right fit!

Fulfillment Requirements

Are you able to...

  • Ship products within 24 hours of receiving an order?

  • Use shipping methods that have a 5-day in transit, or faster, delivery method?

  • Ship all approved Target Plus products from within the United States?

  • Provide valid tracking information on all orders? (Note: Target Plus only supports the following carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS)

  • Ship to PO Box addresses?

Canceling Orders and/or Units

Are you able to cancel full and/or partial lines from an order?

Items & Packaging

Are you able to...

  • Provide a unique GS1/EAN approved barcode for each SKU?

  • Match the SKU barcode to the item record on all products shipped?

  • Remove packing slip and additional enclosures from all Target Plus orders?

  • Provide carrier-approved shipping labels?

  • Use generic packaging whenever possible?

Third-Party Logistics

Using drop shippers is accepted on Target Plus as long as you are you able to…

  • Confirm you are the seller for record for any products sold on Target Plus.

  • Confirm you are responsible for all returns.

  • Comply with all terms set forth in the Seller Agreement.

  • Avoid using other marketplace’s multi-channel fulfillment capabilities to ship/handle Target Plus orders.


Are you able to...

  • Accept return quantities by the pallet?

  • Confirm your return processing facilities are in the lower-48 states?

Advertising and Personal Information

Can you confirm you’ll exclude Target guest information from any marketing campaigns and all mailing lists?

Listing Requirements

Are your products and item data ready for Check out what Target Plus™ requires to power the site.

Item Attributes

Attributes are values that are used to organize products and fuel site search and navigation; they also help guests find your products when browsing. (18% of guests only browse the site.) On average, Target requires 13 pieces of data for every listing.

Product Titles

Are you able to...

  • Submit a product title that’s no more than 100 characters and abides by our “no keyword stuffing” guidance?

  • Follow our general Product Title recipe (Brand + Size Grouping + Item Description + Item Type + Style/Model # or Product Name + Size/Color + Count)?

Image Specifications

Are you able to provide (or purchase) at least one image per listing, though a minimum of three is preferred, where…

  • The primary image is on a white background and square to fill the frame equally

  • ADA Accessibility Guidelines are followed re: text on additional images?

  • All images are 1000x1000 pixels minimum and 5000x5000 pixels maximum, with a minimum 300 dpi?

  • Image files are .JPG, .PNG, .TIF or .PSD with an RGB color file?

Product Description & Feature Bullets

Are you able to...

  • Submit long copy in paragraph form that’s more than 50 characters?

  • Remove all URLs/hyperlinks and any claims or advertising in copy before submission?

  • Pull out important item information into a structured format that’s at least 2 bullets of 20 words but no more than 50 characters each?

Compliance & Legal Attributes

Can you provide legal confirmation about the item types you have in your assortment (ex. Prop65, Title 24)?


Can you meet category or Item Type-specific requirements for your listings that guests expect (ex. Size Charts for A&A; videos for TVs)?

Before proceeding with an application, you should review the additional requirements and policies for Target+. This includes, but is not limited, to the policies on the Return Policies & Processes, Inclusivity & Merchandising, Environmentally Sensitive Items, and Financial Calculations. Please refer to the attached document for more information.

If you are confident you can adhere to these requirements, and are interested in selling on Target+, please use the below link to proceed to the next step!

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