Because the Newegg integration is built differently, the process for managing Newegg listing errors is a bit different than for other sales channels. Of course, the best way to manage listing errors efficiently is to try to prevent them in the first place so take a look at some of the best practices for selling on Newegg to familiarize yourself with the required and recommended attributes.

Currently, Newegg doesn’t return listing errors to Zentail so they need to be viewed in your Newegg Seller Portal. To do that, simply log into your seller portal and click into Manage Items > Batch Item Creation and select the Upload File tab. In the table that is created you'll see the most recent file uploads, and you can click on >>View Details to see the errors on any upload. You'll want to focus on the feeds that have a status of "Failed" or "Completed with Errors". (Read about how Zentail interacts with Newegg for more information.)

Some errors will be easy to fix by making changes to your product data in Zentail for the identified SKU. Other kinds of errors will need to be addressed in Newegg.

Errors to resolve in Zentail

This Quickedit view is set up to display the most common attributes involved in listing a product to Newegg.

It is required: [Manufacturer]

Resolution: Add the manufacturer to the SKU's product data in Zentail.

It is required: [CountryOfOrigin]

Resolution: Add Country of Origin to the product data in Zentail.

Please do not include the item's condition here. The system will automatically display this information on the site once your item has been created/ activated.

Resolution: In Zentail remove the item condition from the specified field (Title or Description, for example) and use the Condition attribute instead to specify New, Used, etc.

UPC must be a numeric string of at least 12 digits

Resolution: Make sure that the UPC in Zentail is correct and is 12 or more digits in length.

Product Description - The value in the field: [Product Description] exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed: [4000]

Resolution: In Zentail edit your Description (or Newegg Description Override, if using) to be 4000 characters or less.

Bullet Description - The value in the field: [BulletDescription] exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed: [1000]
Resoluton: In Zentail, edit your Bullet Points to be 1000 characters or less

Product Description - The following HTML tags are not allowed: NN

Resolution: In Zentail, edit your Description to remove the HTML tags specified. Alternatively, use the Newegg Description Override field using only allowed HTML. For more information on which HTML tags are permitted, review Newegg's guidelines.

The item cannot be activated because of the following reason: Has no image.

Resolution: Add one or more images to your product in Zentail.

Item with the same UPC already exists in our system with a different manufacturer

Resolution: Match your data in Zentail to match the existing UPC.

An item with the same manufacturer and manufacturer part # already exists in our system with a different UPC

Resolution: Match your data in Zentail to the UPC associated with the manufacturer and part number.

An item with Manufacture Part Number NNNNNNN and Item Condition Type [New] already exists in our system with a different Seller Part Number: NNNNNNN

Resolution: Match your data in Zentail to the existing item listing.

Errors to resolve on Newegg

Manufacturer - Manufacturer: [xxx] does not exist! Please submit your manufacturer request to Seller Portal at Manage Items > Manufacturer > Manufacturer Request

Resolution: Go to your Newegg Seller Portal and submit a request to add your manufacturer.

Item(s) cannot activate due to item has been restricted

Resolution: Contact Newegg Seller Support about the item restriction.

Subcategory not available for your store

Resolution: Contact your Newegg Marketplace representative.

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