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Best Practices for Selling on Newegg
Best Practices for Selling on Newegg

An overview of required attributes for items listed to Newegg

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In order for your SKUs to list successfully on Newegg, make sure that your product data includes all of the required attributes. And of course, better quality content will help boost the performance of your products so it's recommended that you include bullet points and images as well.

Be sure your SKUs have the attributes listed below filled out in Zentail. To make it simple, this QuickEdit view has the correct columns added for you to audit SKUs you plan to list to Newegg.

Smart Type. A Newegg category is required, and adding an appropriate Smart Type will ensure that your product is automatically categorized for Newegg.

Manufacturer. The manufacturer of the product is required. These are predefined values. If the manufacturer doesn't exist in Newegg's system, you can request it be added through your Newegg Seller Portal under Manage Items > Manufacturer > Manufacturer Request.

MPN. A manufacturer part number is required.

Country of Origin. The country of manufacture of the item is required.

Description. A description is required. Include a detailed description to be featured on the item page (limit 4000 characters). Do not include item condition.

Condition. The item condition is required. Indicate whether the item is Used, New, Refurbished, Used Like New, Used Very Good, Used - Good, Used - Acceptable.

Bullet Points. Newegg requires at least one bullet point, and bullet points enhance your listing and make it stand out from the crowd by adding meaningful product details. Use bullet points to give concise descriptions of product features or functions.

Images. Images may be JPG or PNG. Minimum dimensions are width 640 pixels and height 480 pixels. Maximum file size is 10 MB.

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