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How Zentail interacts with Newegg
How Zentail interacts with Newegg

A brief overview of the Zentail - Newegg Integration

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Zentail's Newegg integration syncs the following between Newegg and Zentail:

Product Data/Pricing/Inventory

The integration uses the Zentail Listings API to create XML files for creating and updating products with XML uploads. You can view these uploads in your Newegg account by navigating to "Manage Items" > "Batch Item Creation/Update". These uploads contain product data, images, pricing, and inventory all in one.

Once there, click on "upload file" at the top to view the uploads sent from Zentail

You can view the status of the uploads, how many total products were in the upload, and how many were successful here. If there are issues with uploading products or a listing error, you will be able to see the error here.


Zentail will also pull orders from Newegg for routing to a warehouse/fulfillment integration just like any other channel with the order sync enabled. Some things to note regarding orders:

  1. Order cancellations will need to be completed directly in the Newegg seller portal. This can be done by navigating to "Manage Order" > "Order List" in the Newegg seller portal.

  2. Order returns, refunds, and courtesy credits should all be issued through this same view in the Newegg seller portal. You can also issue these in bulk by checking orders with the checkbox and using the batch dropdown.

Note: You have the option to for a customer return to be sent to your local return address or Newegg return services. To view this setting go to the seller portal > "Manage Account" > "Shipping Settings" > and refer to the Return Policy and Info section.

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