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Shopify App Interactions

Common issues you may see as a result of Shopify apps

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Apps that are in place in your Shopify account can sometimes interact or interfere with Zentail correctly managing product data, inventory, or orders, which can result in errors, oversells, or other problems. ย 

Zentail's Shopify app requires read and write access for customer details and customer groups; orders, transactions and fulfillments; products, variants and collections; product information; fulfillment services; and inventory. It also requires read access for locations and customer details and customer groups. Any other app that also tries to have access to these same fields may cause problems.

For example, the Deliverr app for Shopify can cause problems with order fulfillment and result in orders not syncing correctly. We recommend deleting that app and setting up your integration with Deliverr as described here.

If you are trying to launch on Facebook through Zentail, and you also have the Facebook app for Shopify, you will likely get an error such as, "A commerce merchant settings object already exists." In this case, you will want to delete the existing catalog as well as remove the Facebook app.

Similarly, the Google app for Shopify will cause problems if you are trying to integrate Google to Zentail because each will generate a product feed and errors will result if the two conflict. Again, you will want to remove the Google app from your Shopify in this case.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via chat or email [email protected].

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