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How to Archive an Order

When to use this feature to resolve errors on orders and/or move them out of Needs Attention, Status Mismatch and Partially Shipped

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Archive Order & Its Uses

The Archive Order function will resolve all current errors on an order and prevent any new errors from being attached to it.  Orders that have been archived can still be updated by the channel and have new return requests processed.  Before using this function, please take any necessary steps to be sure that the order has been completely handled and all error messages addressed.  

When to Archive an Order

Some example situations where you might choose to Archive an order are:

  • If an order is marked Partially Shipped (but you have verified that it is fully shipped) archiving it will result in its status changing to Shipped and it being removed from the Partially Shipped area.

  • If you are certain that the order is complete but it's in Status Mismatch, archiving the order will not change the order status (except for a Partially Shipped order, above) but will remove it from the Status Mismatch area. 

  • If an order is in Needs Attention due to an error or alert, archiving the order will resolve all errors on the order and remove it from the Needs Attention area.  

NOTE:  Since archiving an order will prevent any future errors from being attached to it, do not use this function unless you are certain that the order status is actually complete (i.e. fully Shipped or Cancelled).  

How to Archive an Order

To access the Archive Order function, open the order of concern and click on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner and then select Archive Order:

When you click on Archive Order, you'll see a warning message asking you to confirm that you wish to approve the order's current state and forego future error alerts.  

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