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How to Edit the Tracking Number of a Shipped Order
How to Edit the Tracking Number of a Shipped Order

Learn how to update the tracking number of a Shipped order at the package level.

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To edit the tracking number on an order:

  1. Click the order that needs to be updated.

  2. Scroll to the Packages section and click EDIT for the package you want to update.

  3. In the Edit Tracking Number popup, enter the correct tracking number and click SUBMIT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the new tracking number get sent to the channel?
โ€‹A: No, this is for your own reference. Only if there was not already a tracking number in place will we send a tracking number to a channel.

Q: Does this work for all fulfillment integrations? i.e. Shipping software and 3PLs such as: EasyPost, ShipStation, Shipworks, Rakuten Super Logistics.
โ€‹A: If the fulfillment integration continues updating Zentail with a specific tracking number associated with the package, the tracking number will update based on the 3rd party fulfillment integration. If this is the case you will need to update the tracking number directly with the 3rd party fulfillment integration.ย 

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