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How to Edit a Product in Zentail
How to Edit a Product in Zentail

How to change or make edits to product data for a product or SKU in your Zentail catalog.

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Once your catalog is in Zentail, it's important to know how to manage your multichannel catalog in Zentail.  This article covers several ways to manage and make edits to your catalog.

1. The Edit View

To get into this view, go into your Catalog and click on a SKU. This the standard view for editing a product.  More details on editing SKUs can be found here.

To edit a product in this view simply make the change and press Enter or click away, your changes are saved automatically!

2. Quick Edit View

This is a great way to fly through edits on multiple products.  You can add the columns you want to edit, and use your arrow keys to move between rows and columns and make edits directly in the catalog view without opening up the edit view.

Here's some more information on the Quick Edit view!

3. Import / Export

Last but not least, import / export!  This is an efficient way to download your catalog, make edits, and import the changes.  This can also be used to run reports on your product or sales information.  Here's a help article that outlines the import / export tool in more detail.

Important Points and Related Reading

There are additional views and tools to manage product groups as well as channel specific overrides that are helpful to know.

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