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How to Import Order Tracking Information into Zentail
How to Import Order Tracking Information into Zentail

Use the Tracking Data report to import order tracking info into Zentail.

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This article will explains how to add order and tracking information into Zentail.  While we recommend that you integrate directly with a fulfillment service, this process can be used in the event that you need to manually upload tracking data. Each import file should have orders that are fulfilled from the same warehouse.

Importing Tracking/Order information

  1. To add tracking data go to the imports page

  2. On the left, select Tracking Data.

  3. You will see a report with the fields: Zentail Order Number, SKU, Quantity, Carrier, Service Level, Tracking, Cost, Package Weight (lbs), Package Length (inches), Package Width (inches), Package Height (inches)

  4. Create a CSV file with each of these Headers and fill out the corresponding information. It is very important that you keep the order of the headers exactly as mentioned above. For example, Zentail Order Number must be in column A of your .csv and Tracking will be in column F.

  5. Click on the Tracking Data Report on the Import page.

  6. Click on Upload File: Select the CSV file you created.

  7. Select the Warehouse that you are fulfilling from.

  8. Follow the onscreen steps, preview the import.

  9. Click Start Import.

Things to Note: 

  • You can only upload order/tracking information for orders from one warehouse at a time.

  • You MUST enter a carrier and tracking number.

  • Quantity refers to the number of that specific SKU that is being shipped in one package in this order. If you have multiple packages, please see below. 

  • Package Length, Width, Height should be in INCHES.

  • Package Weight should be in POUNDS (LBS).

  • Carrier should be in Upper Case (All CAPS).

  • Cost should NOT have a dollar sign ($). If you are importing cost it should look like this: "5.99"

  • Previewing the import will help you ensure that the correct data is going into the correct column. We highly recommend you verify that the data you enter is correct

How to add multiple packages:

For an order with multiple packages:

  1. Include the same order number on another line

  2. Fill out the corresponding order information again

  3. Add a Unique Tracking Number - that is how our system will differentiate another package in the same order

  4. You may add the order number as many times as necessary

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