Products in the Inactive status are essentially archived either automatically because they have gone over 30 days without inventory, or manually by the user. If this is the case, the SKU still exists but has been de-activated, or archived, so they are no longer listing anywhere. Zentail currently does not allow users to delete products, instead, Zentail provides an option to archive a product so that the product can change or be activated in the future if necessary.

How to Archive a product through the User Interface

  • In the All status => Search for the SKU you would like to Archive
  • Click the SKU's row in the Catalog table
  • On the left product sidebar that appears, click the 3-vertical-dot icon on at the top of the page => Select "Archive" from the menu that appears
  • On the "Archive Product" popup that appears => Click "SUBMIT"
  • The SKU you just archived is now in the Inactive status (it is no longer searchable in the Active status)

*In order to archive a SKU, the SKU cannot have inventory. When inventory is added to an archived SKU, Zentail will automatically un-archive it.*

How to Archive SKUs in Bulk

  • Go to the Import / Export page on Zentail (See import/export data)
  • Create a template with columns: SKU, Quantity (for all non-FBA warehouses), Still In Catalog
    - Still In Catalog
    is the value that archives or unarchives SKUs through an import
    - Setting this value to "true" will make sure it is active or in unarchived
    Setting this value to "false" will make sure it is inactive or in archived
  • Set the quantity to 0 for SKUs you wish to archive
  • In the "Still In Catalog" column, enter "false" for SKUs you wish to archive, or "true" for SKUs you want active.¬†
  • Upload the CSV file and select the appropriate warehouse when prompted.¬†

Automated Rules to Archive or Unarchive SKUs

Zentail has automated rules to archive or unarchive your SKUs. The goal is to make sure only current and active SKUs are on your catalog to provide a simple experience.

Zentail will automatically Archive a SKU if:

  1. The SKU is out of Stock
  2. The SKU has been out of stock for 30 days without any inventory updates to Zentail

Zentail will automatically Unarchive a SKU if:

  1. Zentail receives an inventory update for a SKU
    - This can be via import / export, the UI, API, SkuVault, FBA, etc.

Note:  Archiving a SKU will trigger Zentail to send an inventory update of zero units to the marketplace as part of the process to make the listing inactive.

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