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Managing FBA Shipment Delays

Review common reasons for fulfillment delays for orders routed to FBA.

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Sometimes an Order routed to FBA may be delayed. If you see the order status for an FBA order as "Accepted," it means that Zentail has successfully sent over the order to Amazon. It is now up to Amazon to ship the item. While typical handling times are 2 days, there are cases when Amazon may be delayed in shipping the item.

Common reasons are:

  • Weather Delays

  • Fulfillment Center Back Ups

  • Holiday Season/Increased Order Volume

Once an order is routed to FBA, it is not possible to cancel the order in Zentail. In this case, if the order needs to be cancelled, contact Amazon and see if the shipment is eligible to be cancelled. If so, you can reroute the order in Zentail to another warehouse and ship it from there. Zentail does not prevent you from rerouting and fulfilling the order from another warehouse even at this point; however, if you don't cancel it first, it may result in a duplicate shipment.
We recommend adjusting your lead time on a per warehouse basis.ย 

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