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How to Manage User Permissions
How to Manage User Permissions

Add or remove access to sales data, billing info, admin operations, and more using the user permissions feature

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Zentail offers the flexibility for an administrator to manage other users' access in Zentail. This is useful to allow some users the ability to access high-level sales data, while others are limited to the general functions of the platform. If you'd like to add new users, please reference the steps on our How to add users page.

To view user access, or adjust user access

  1. Go to the Account Settings page.

  2. Open the Company User Permissions tab > Active Users

  3. Make any appropriate changes. Once you are done editing user access,

  4. Click the Update Users button at the bottom of the page

Definition of Permissions

  • General Access - Provides a user with general access to Zentail. This is the bare minimum and should be checked for all active users

  • Account Admin - This gives a user the permission to create new users, as well as editing other users' permissions

  • Sales Data - This gives a user the ability to view high-level sales data on the Dashboard and access to Zentail's Analytics suite

  • Billing Access - This permission allows users to view the Billing section of the Account Settings page. This includes links to the Zentail invoicing system and the ability to update your company's credit card.

  • Shipping Data Access - This permission allows users to view Personally Identifying Information for orders, like Customer Name and Customer Address. These are the same fields that are hashed in accordance with Zentail's Data Protection Policy.

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