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How to Create and Manage Product Groups
How to Create and Manage Product Groups

Learn how to create and manage product groups with variant SKUs and variation themes such as Size and Color.

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Product Groups in Zentail are collections of SKUs that share common attributes and vary based on specific Pivot Attributes such as Size and Color. For example, you may sell luggage that varies based on Size. Or you may sell t-shirts that vary based on Size and Color. You can even create a product group that varies based on kit contents.

This article covers the two ways to create and edit Product Groups and provides some information on linking to existing product groups on Amazon.

Creating and Editing Product Groups in the Zentail User Interface

  1. First, create a SKU that you will include in your group and then select it from your Catalog by clicking on it.

  2. Near the top of left sidebar that appears, click on the large gear icon and select Create Product Group from menu that pops open.

  3. Set your Pivot Attribute(s). Optionally, you may also check the boxes for any shared attributes and choose a Swatch Image Variant Attribute.

  4. Add other SKUs to the product group as desired.

  5. Don't forget to click SAVE!

Creating and Editing Product Groups via Import / Export

  1. Go to the Import / Export view.

  2. Create or edit a template that includes following columns: SKU, Master SKU, and at least one "Pivot Attribute" such as Size or Color.

  3. Make sure that the value in the Master SKU column is identical for each SKU that should be part of the same product group.

  4. We recommend including comprehensive product data in this template.

  5. You can export the data here, make modifications (add rows, edit rows) and then import back into Zentail.

Linking to Existing Product Groups on Amazon

If you have an existing product group on Amazon (in your Seller Central account) that was not created by Zentail, you need to make sure that the Parent SKU in Zentail matches the Parent SKU in Seller Central. Here's how to enter a Parent SKU override for Amazon:

  1. In your Catalog, search for and select the Master SKU.

  2. In the left sidebar find the Amazon card, and click on the gear icon to open the Advanced Options for Amazon.

  3. In the Group Parent SKU Override field, enter the Parent SKU value that's in Seller Central. You can also confirm the Group Parent ASIN to ensure your relationship feed to Amazon links your SKUs to the correct ASIN.

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