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How to Implement Seller Fulfilled Prime
How to Implement Seller Fulfilled Prime

This article describes how to setup and manage Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) in Zentail.

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Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is an Amazon Marketplace fulfillment arrangement where your listings are Prime eligible even though they are fulfilled from your own warehouse instead of FBA. An increasing number of sellers are using Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Zentail automatically identifies Seller Fulfilled Prime orders and adds a Prime tag on Zentail. You can also filter for your unshiped SFP orders in the Prime Pending filter of your Orders page.

This article will review how to

  • Use Zentail to fulfill Seller Fulfilled Prime orders

  • Things to consider when using ShipStation for your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders

Use Zentail to fulfill SFP orders

Please refer to our article on enabling Amazon's Buy API on Zentail to set up your account to purchase Seller Fulfilled Prime labels.

Things to consider when using ShipStation to fulfill SFP orders

If purchasing your SFP orders on ShipStation, you'll want to take a few steps to ensure orders are successfully marked as shipped on Amazon and are not double-fulfilled.

  1. Connect your ShipStation to Amazon (refer to ShipStation for more details)

  2. Create a rule on ShipStation to only import Seller Fulfilled Prime orders from Amazon (refer to ShipStation for more details, or the image below)

  3. De-select sending Amazon PRIME orders into ShipStation from Zentail

This allows Zentail to still create your non-prime Amazon orders on ShipStation. You can use ShipStation's connection to Amazon to purchase your Seller Fulfilled Prime labels directly on ShipStation.

ShipStation Prime Rule

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