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Custom Sales Order Reports
Custom Sales Order Reports

Learn how to create and export custom sales order and sales order line item reports. Generate order exports.

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In addition to our pre-set templates, Sales Order and Sales Order Line Item, you are now also able to create your own sales report templates that meet your specific needs!

Let's say you would like to export a sales report that includes the product title, customer's name and email, you could create a template like this:

Sales Order Reports: These Reports allow you to create and export cumulative order data from Zentail. For example, if 3 SKUs in order 1000 were ordered at $10 each you would see one line in the CSV with the Order and Cumulative Revenue of $30. If you prefer to see more detailed order information, please see below.

Sales Order Line Item Reports: These Reports allow you to export granular order data from Zentail. For example, if 3 SKUs in order 1000 were ordered at $10 each, you would see 3 line items for each SKU with a Revenue of $10 for each SKU.  Note: Add the Total Quantity column to see the number of units of each SKU on the order.

You can also set a data range for both of these custom order reports.

Step 1: Create a new Sales Order Report template

1. Go to the Import Data page.


3. Under Report Type: select Sales Order or Sales Order Line Item

4. If your data has a header row, be sure to keep "First row is a header row" checked.

5. Your "Field Delimiter" value should likely always be set to "Comma".

Step 2: Add Columns

  1. Scroll down to the Columns section.

  2. Click the + button to add a column to your template -- standard convention is to always keep SKU as column A and add attribute columns below.

  3. Search for the attribute and click it to add it as a new column, repeat for all desired attributes. Tip: You can scroll down the attributes section to view all available order export attributes.

  4. Note: Unit Price field will show the price of the item when the purchase was made, Product Item Price will show you the price of the item when the report is downloaded.


Step 3: Export Zentail Data

Now that you've created a template, it's time to download that data.

  1. In the RUN EXISTING REPORT section of the Import data page.

  2. Click Custom Sales Order or Sales Order Line Item Report Templates and select the template you want to export.

  3. Select Download Report.

  4. Choose a Start Date and End Date to set the date range for which you wish to see orders.

  5. Click the START GENERATING REPORT button at the bottom of the page.

  6. In the PREVIOUS EXPORTS section, wait a moment for your report to complete and click the download icon. Your report will be downloaded as a CSV file. You can now open the file in Excel or Google Sheets.

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