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How to get started with Google Shopping
How to get started with Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an advertising platform that displays your products on relevant searches. Learn how to get started with Google Shopping.

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If you're not sure what Google Shopping is here's a helpful overview.  But if you already know what it is and want to optimize your revenue per dollar spent Zentail has a Google Certified programmatic service for this; and is an official partner of Google.  Here's how to take advantage of this service:

First Steps

1. If you do not have a Google Merchant Center account, please create a Google Merchant Center account and complete the Business Information, Tax and Shipping sections. (guide)

2. Message us your Google Adwords Customer ID. (guide) Zentail will submit a request to link to your Adwords account, log into your Adwords account and approve Zentail's link request.

3. In your Google Analytics account, add [email protected] as a User with Edit permissions. (guide)

4. Connect your shopping cart in Zentail. To sell on Google Shopping with Zentail, you need a shopping cart (i.e. Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento).

Generate a backup of your Shopify or BigCommerce webstore before integrating your webstore in Zentail.

5. 3. From the ellipsis (3 vertical dots) icon on the top right of Merchant Center, select Users. If you already have [email protected] as a User in your Merchant Center, you do not need to add an additional user or mark this email in Zentail.  If you do not already have that user, you can add [email protected] as a user, and paste the same email into your Zentail integrations page.  In either case, the user must have the following privileges in your Merchant Center (later on we will add Orders Manager and others):

If you are not yet in the Shopping Actions program:

If you are in the Shopping Actions program:

6. In your Google Merchant Center, click the 3-vertical-dot icon on the top right of the page and click the SFTP / FTP / GCS menu option. Click FTP, not SFTP.

7. In your Integration Settings page, click on the Google card and enter your Merchant Center FTP Username, Merchant Center FTP Password, and your Merchant ID. *Please note, FTP not SFTP.* Select your Store Front from the dropdown. Click SAVE SETTINGS

8. In your Merchant Center, click the 3-vertical-dot icon and select Account linking. In the Adwords section LINK your Account if it is not already linked. Then log into your Google Adwords account to approve the link between your Merchant Center and Adwords. guide

9. Set your SKUs to list to Google. This can be done in bulk by clicking LIST ALL LISTABLE PRODUCTS. This will list all of your SKUs to Google that are currently listed to your selected Store Front. 

Wait 30-45 minutes. You should see a 'zentail' feed in your Merchant Center when you click on Products.

10. Message us to let us know that you're ready for us to launch your campaign.

11. Check your Merchant Center to make sure your products are Approved. If your products are Disapproved or if your account is Suspended, please call Google Merchant Center Support at 866-246-6453. Have your Adwords Customer ID handy.

12. Enable Ecommerce in your Google Analytics account.

13. Make sure your Google Analytics tracking is added to your webstore and conversions are being tracked in Google Analytics.


Your webstore must have the following:

  • Contact Us page that includes your phone number and physical address. This page must be linked on your website footer menu.

  • Privacy Policy page that includes an acceptable privacy policy (example). Page must be linked on your website footer menu.

  • Shipping & Returns page that includes your policies. We recommend a 30-day return policy.

  • You may also want to take this opportunity to modernize your logo and work with a designer to make sure the brand message is powerfully conveyed.

  • Your product catalog must include products in approved categories. For more information, here is a list of prohibited and restricted content as it relates to Google’s advertising programs more broadly.

Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews, formerly Google Trusted Stores, is a highly recommended free service managed within your Google Merchant Center. You simply add a code snippet to your website which tracks your purchase data and encourages shoppers to review their experience shopping on your website. This program increases your conversion rate by inspiring buyer confidence and is a fantastic way to differentiate your brand. We recommend that you sign up if and only if you feel you can provide 4.5/5 service or higher.

Google Shopping Feed

Zentail sends your product information to the Google Merchant Center and continuously syncs price and quantity. This ensures you're always providing Google with accurate information for your catalog.

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