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Target Plus Item Set Up

How to get your products ready for Target Plus

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Item Data Prep

There are three pillars of Item Data Prep for Target: 1. Attributes 2. Copy (title, descriptions) 3. Images


The different attributes that are required change per item type, and also the valid values per attribute will change depending on the item type (super fun!).

Because of this, all attribute data prep is done on a Target item type basis. Your Zentail onboarding contact will supply you with QuickEdit views (learn more about using QuickEdit here!) and valid value lists for your different SKUs in each Target Item type.


Generally -- Target takes inclusiveness very seriously, and will flag items if they use terms or concepts that are against their inclusive merchandising policy. You might experience greater scrutiny around your copy than other marketplaces, so be prepared to (Here's Target's Help Article on inclusive merchandising).

Titles -- Target limits titles to 150 characters and prefers titles to be more around 100 characters.

They have a "recipe" for a good Target title available on their Product Title Help Article: Brand + Size Grouping + Item Description / Feature + Item Type + Style / Model # + Size / Color + Count

Not all of these attributes are necessarily applicable to all products, its a good idea to include the most relevant of these attributes for your products.

Description -- You'll need a description of your products. Target would like at least 50 words in the description, and no more than 4,000 (wide range). Learn more about Target's Description guidelines here.

Bullet Points -- Target really wants at least two bullet points for products. They suggest bullet points are between 3-8 words. Learn more about their guidelines here.


One major difference between Target and other marketplaces is that while shoppers on other marketplaces favor listings with images that have text on them calling out specific features, Target actually bans text on images because it's against their accessibility guidelines (more info on Target's Accessibility Guidelines Help Center article).

If you do not want to change your images on other marketplaces, you can add image overrides for Target. You will work with your Zentail onboarding contact to manage those.

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