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Target Plus Onboarding Overview
Target Plus Onboarding Overview

What to expect when you're expecting (to go live with Target Plus)

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Target Plus Process

The main phases of onboarding you'll go through are

  1. Portal Setup

  2. Kickoff

  3. Item Setup

  4. Order Testing

  5. Ramp Up

After you complete these gates you'll be graduated (this is called Established).

Portal Setup -- Once you have access to the Target Plus Portal you'll need to complete a checklist of tasks on the portal, things like setting up your shipping times, adding a logo etc. You will also need to generate an API key. Make sure to connect with your Zentail onboarding contact before generating your API key, so you can connect Zentail and Target. Learn more about generating a Target API key here.

Kickoff -- This is when you'll meet your Target Project Manager and item setup lead. The item setup lead is going to be the main point of contact around any errors or problems with your item data. The Target onboarding lead will help with Target specific training (like managing returns, how to keep a low ODR, any extra things you might want to submit like videos or size charts etc).

Item Setup -- After kickoff Target likes you to submit your first batch of items (usually around 30) within 7 days. Once items are submitted it takes Target around 5-10 business days to review the data and provide feedback. You leave this phase once you have at least one item approved on Target. So the sooner you can submit items the shorter this process is!

Order Testing -- Once you have an item approved you will work together with your Zentail contact to identify an item that you want to place a "test order" on (really, it's just a regular order that goes through the normal Target customer checkout flow). Zentail will add a small amount of inventory to that SKU and once it's live on you will place the order, it will come into Zentail and you'll ship it (making sure to ship with a compliant carrier and shipping method). After Target verifies that the order was shipped without issue, you will move to the Ramp Up phase. Learn more about shipping Target Plus orders here!

Ramp Up -- In this phase your inventory is enabled for Target and you can get regular customer orders. This phase is about getting the rest of your assortment up on Target. You will probably also finish up some additional training with the Target Onboarding team during this phase. Once you have hit your SKU goal for onboarding and the Target team is confident that you are well trained then you will be fully graduated and will be considered Established!

Pro-Tip: You can greatly expedite your onboarding process by making sure your product data is fully prepped for Target Plus. Learn about item data prep here!

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