Amazon multichannel fulfillment (MCF) is a sub-program of FBA that uses your FBA inventory to fulfill non-Amazon orders from channels such as eBay and your webstore.

Zentail supports Amazon MCF, allowing you to use your FBA inventory to fulfill non-Amazon orders. This article explains the easy steps to enable MCF in Zentail.

  1. Enable MCF on your Amazon integration page in Zentail.

  2. On your FBA warehouse page in Zentail, enable the channels you want MCF to fulfill.

  3. In your Company Settings, review your warehouse priority settings and adjust as needed. Learn more about how Zentail routes orders in this article.

Note: For Walmart orders, Zentail will exclude Amazon logistics tracking from being used. In addition, if you wish to use MCF "blank box" for Walmart orders, you can request to be added to a beta for that via chat or by emailing [email protected]. Please be aware that not all FBA inventory is blank box eligible so some orders may be rejected.

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