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How Zentail Routes Orders
How Zentail Routes Orders

How Zentail knows where to route an order for fulfillment.

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When an order comes into Zentail, there are a series of checks to decide which warehouse will receive an order -- which allows Zentail to reserve the inventory in the right warehouse and use the appropriate shipping option. All of this happens in a matter of seconds!  This article will cover the logic that you can manage for your order routing rules on Zentail.

Logic for Routing Orders

The basic logic for Zentail is to check:

  1. Which warehouse has the highest priority according to your settings.

  2. Whether the highest priority warehouse is enabled this channel's orders.

  3. If that warehouse has enough inventory to fulfill the entire order.  If it doesn't, the next warehouse in the pecking order will be checked.
    - 3.5 In the case that no single warehouse has enough inventory, but multiple warehouse can be used to complete the order, then the order will be split into multiple shipments.

  4. If there is no inventory, or the SKU is not recognized, then the order will be sent to your default warehouse.

Account-wide Priority Settings

This is the first check in when routing an order. Which warehouse has the highest priority according to your settings.

You can manage this priority list on your Account Settings page within Zentail. 

Help Article: How to Set your Warehouse Priority Settings

Enable or Disable a Warehouse for each Channel

Help Article: How to Enable or Disable Fulfillment Methods on a Per Channel Basis

Custom Order Routing

In addition to the rules you set up on your Account Settings page for how Zentail should prioritize your order routing, you can implement custom rules. This may be useful if you have products that should be fulfilled from a specific warehouse first in an effort to minimize costs, or due to some other constraints.

Examples of custom order routing rule may be:

  • Based on Package weight of products in the order
    - i.e. IF SKU has Package Weight >= 1 lb, route to warehouse 1 first, then 2, then 3...

  • Based on the number of products in the order

    • i.e. if there's less than 5 units of SKU A ordered go to the Deliverr warehouse, if 5 units or greater of SKU A, route to the main warehouse.

Note, unless otherwise specified, Zentail will still follow the rules around 'out-of-stock' products and disabled warehouses. This means, those warehouse will be passed over when determining where to route the order.

Please contact the support team using the chat icon on the bottom right of Zentail or by emailing [email protected] if you would like to have custom order routing rules set up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Zentail do with an Amazon FBA order?

Regardless of your warehouse or routing preferences, if there is an order on your Amazon account for an FBA SKU, it will be routed to your FBA warehouse.  This helps to maintain your prime performance requirements.

Similarly, an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime order will be routed to your SFP warehouse.

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