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Most common fields for import, export, and quick edit
Most common fields for import, export, and quick edit

These can be used for your Zentail templates

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To manage a product catalog there are generally four types of attributes

  • Required Attributes and Basics

  • Item Specifics

  • Functional Fields (groups, labels, listing)

  • Channel Specific Fields

Note that Zentail includes default templates that include most if not all of these. We also offer all channel attributes without additional set up or customization needed.

Common Required Attributes and Basic Info across channels

  • SKU

  • Desired ASIN

  • Title


  • Cost

  • MSRP

  • Department

  • Product Type

  • Item Price

  • Package Weights (lbs)

  • Description

  • Mpn

  • Model

  • Condition

  • Ebay Condition

  • Smart Type

  • Bullet Point1

  • Bullet Point2

  • Bullet Point3

  • Bullet Point4

  • Bullet Point5

  • Primary Image URL

  • Image 1 Url

  • Image 2 Url

  • Image 3 Url

  • Image 4 Url

  • Image 5 Url

  • Image 6 Url

  • Image 7 Url

  • Image 8 Url

  • (FBA) Are Batteries Required

  • (FBA) Supplier Declared Dg Hz Regulation

Common Item Specifics

  • Color

  • Size

  • Material

  • Style

  • Multipack Quantity

  • Gender

Common Functional Fields

  • Master SKU

  • Add Pivot Attribute

  • Remove Pivot Attribute

  • Group Share Price

  • Add Label

  • Remove Label

  • {ChannelLabel} (Channel) Listed

Common Channel Specific Fields

  • {ChannelLabel} (Amazon) Merchant Shipping Group Name

  • {ChannelLabel} (Channel) Listed

  • {ChannelLabel} (Channel) Price Override


  • Additional channel categories may require additional fields. For instance, Clothing on Amazon requires a 'Clothing Type', and Walmart requires an 'ESRB Rating' for video games. These category-specific requirements could be added to any templates as needed.

  • This template is called 'Catalog Report' and will only show up in Export (because it includes a Pivot Attributes column). When importing, we recommend using Templateless

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