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Listing Pesticides on Amazon

This article describes the new Pesticide Marking attributes for Amazon

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Amazon has recently added a number of attributes related to Pesticides that may be required for certain products, especially insecticides, fungicides, repellants and antimicrobials but also other product types . The attributes added to Zentail to support this are listed below with their permitted values. You can find these new attributes in this QuickEdit view to add values, edit values, or download for bulk editing and re-import.

Pesticide Marking Type

  • epa_registration_number

  • epa_establishment_number

Pesticide Marking Registration Status

  • fifra_registration_required

  • fifra_registration_exempt

  • fifra_not_considered_pesticide

Pesticide Marking Certification Number

  • This field requires a numeric value

FAQs on Listing Pesticides

(These questions and answers are from this Amazon Seller Central support article.)

Where do I find an EPA registration number or EPA establishment number on a product?

An EPA registration number is a unique identifier that appears on the label of a pesticide product. The number is preceded by the phrase “EPA Registration No.,” or “EPA Reg. No.” The number may appear on the front or back label of the product.

An EPA establishment number is a number that identifies the final physical location where the pesticide product or device was produced or labeled. This number preceded by the phrase “EPA Est. No.” The number appears on the product label or immediate container.

Which EPA number should I provide if my product has both an EPA registration number and an EPA establishment number?

For pesticide products with both numbers, you should input only the EPA registration number.

I previously provided an EPA number to have my product reinstated. Why do I have to do this again?

We are implementing these requirements in order to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Even if you previously provided this information, it will still need to added to the listing.

What kinds of products will require evidence of compliance?

You may not be aware you are selling products the EPA considers pesticides or pesticide devices, as it can be hard to identify which products qualify and why. The EPA classifies as pesticides or pesticide devices most products that are marketed to disinfect, repel insects, remove allergens, or prevent bacteria, or that make any other antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, or other pesticidal claim. These claims are sometimes used in marketing a wide variety of products, including clothing, home goods, air and water filters, and lawn and garden products. EPA guidance on what is considered a pesticide can be found here and on pesticide devices can be found here.

Will this information still be required if pesticidal marketing claims are removed?

If all pesticidal claims (for example, any antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, insect repellant, or other such claim) about a product are removed, and the claims were the sole reason the product was considered a pesticide or pesticide device, then that product will no longer be classified as a pesticide product requiring this information.

What if my listed ASIN(s) is not a pesticide or pesticide device?

If you think your product was incorrectly identified as a pesticide product, please refer to the instructions above, and select the option indicating that your product is not a pesticide or pesticide device.

How can I get additional information?

For more information, see Amazon’s Pesticides and Pesticide Devices policy here

Pesticide and Pesticide Devices (Amazon Seller Central)

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