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Creating a New Sales Channel Integration for Zentail
Creating a New Sales Channel Integration for Zentail

How to request access to the Zentail Listings API to create a new sales channel integration for Zentail users.

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The all new Zentail Listings API is now available for integrators that are looking to offer sales channel integrations in Zentail for Zentail users. Building a sales channel integration with the listings API will allow you to take advantage of Zentail's Smart Type system for channel taxonomies and attribute mappings so that your users can list to the right category easily.

Requesting Access

To request access to the Listings API, please fill out this brief survey that will ask for the following items:

  1. A unique Application name

  2. A contact email address

  3. A square logo at least 50p x 50p for your application in the Zentail User Interface

After filling out the survey, your request for access will be reviewed by the Zentail team, and a member of the team will reach back out to you shortly after your request.

How to use the Listings API

After you are approved to use the listings API, there will be a series of steps that need to be completed before your sales channel is ready to be made available. You will need to submit a category taxonomy and attribute mapping structure (templates will be provided) so that we can integrate your categories and attributes into the SMART Type system. After that you will need to authenticate to gain access to the endpoints with a clientId and clientSecret.

After the authorization you will be free to create an orders and inventory flow as well as retrieve listing data (including product data like title, description, etc.) in a custom payload for your sales channel.

You can view more details on this process using this link to the Zentail developer documentation.

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