The Zentail Open API is a suite of development functionality for accessing data in Zentail, connecting with 3rd party systems, and building applications that can be offered to our growing customer base.

Here is a high-level overview of ways your business can leverage the Zentail Open API:

  • Sales channel integrations => create custom integrations in Zentail, sync product data, inventory and orders. (i.e. Houzz, Volusion, Sears, 3dcart, 3PLs)

  • Inventory management => retrieve total available inventory across all warehouses for a SKU, retrieve detailed per warehouse inventory data for a SKU, modify / update inventory data in Zentail.

  • Sales Orders => retrieve detailed Sales Order information for a list of orders, create new Sales Orders in Zentail from a Custom Integration, get detailed Sales Order information for a given order.

  • Reporting => retrieve data from Zentail, create and process a report in Zentail.

  • Shipping management => retrieve a list of all warehouses.

There are many powerful ways to leverage the Zentail API:

  • Create sales channel integrations in Zentail for channels Zentail does not directly integrate with. (e.g. Rakuten, Sears, Tophatter, Bonanza). 

  • Create integrations in Zentail for 3rd party services Zentail does not directly integrate with (e.g. Quickbooks, Xero, 3PLs)

  • Create applications to supplement your fulfillment workflow to add drop shipping in Zentail.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please notify us via Chat or at [email protected]

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