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How to Unmerge SKUs

Unmerge merged SKUs using the Bulk Actions suite

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Using the Bulk Actions suite it is possible to unmerge SKUs that are currently merged in Zentail.  While this is not part of a normal workflow, it may occasionally be needed as part of a catalog cleanup effort.  

Because this is a powerful function, we strongly recommend having a very clear way of identifying the SKUs you want to unmerge. Specifically, we suggest adding a distinct label to the surviving SKUs that you wish to unmerge and then creating a filter formula.  Learn more about how to add and manage labels and work with filters.

Once your labels are in place, go to your Bulk Actions suite and choose Create Custom Action.  

1. Label: Add a name for this action to remind you that it was used to unmerge SKUs.

2. Filter:  We recommend the filter formula below which will filter your active SKUs for only those that you've added the label to (replace your label here with the label you’ve created for this unmerge)

AND(ISTRUE(still_in_catalog),CONTAINS(labels,"your label here",true))

3. Action:  Click on the + sign and then choose “Undo SKU Merge” from the Action Type drop-down list.  Once you have done that you'll be prompted to choose the correct Amazon integration (if you have more than one).  Once that is done, click ADD. 

4. To run the bulk action click on CREATE in the bottom right of your screen.  To see the progress of the bulk action click on Run History.

Note:  After you've run the SKU merge, you will probably want to remove the labels that you added to the SKUs.  You can easily do this using the "Remove Label" attribute and running another import.  

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