Merged SKUs make managing your catalog more efficient while also complying with Amazon’s requirement that FBA and merchant fulfilled products have different SKU values.  

There are two key considerations when SKUs are merged.  First, merging will result in a Surviving SKU which is by default the FBA SKU and is the one Zentail keeps and use as the identifier on other channels.  Second, going forward you will manage both FBA and MF inventory on the single Surviving SKU.

If this is the first time you're reading about merged SKUs, please first read more about them in Merged SKUs Explained.  There are two ways to merge SKUs.

  1. Automatically

  2. In Bulk


If there are SKUs on your Amazon account that have the same ASIN and condition, but one is FBA and one is MF then Zentail can automatically identify and merge these SKUs.  In general, these SKU merges are done during onboarding to Zentail by your implementation specialist.  

Moving forward, you do not need to create both FBA and merchant fulfilled SKUs.  A merged SKU will automatically be created if a new SKU is marked as FBA and has merchant fulfilled inventory.


In Bulk

Under rare circumstances (mainly catalog clean up) you may want to merge existing SKUs after you’ve finished onboarding.  It's possible to merge SKUs yourself through the user interface through a simple import.  

Two Important Notes:  

  • In order for two SKUs to be merged, both SKUs need to exist in Zentail.  

  • When creating new SKUs in Zentail, the process of merging is unnecessary because Zentail automatically creates the merchant fulfilled SKU for Amazon as a +MF+ SKU.  

Step 1:  Create a spreadsheet with these two column headers:  “MF SKU” and “FBA SKU”. Add the SKUs you want to merge into the corresponding columns on the spreadsheet and save as a csv file.

Step 2:  In Import / Export, under Run Existing Report select your Amazon channel.  From the list of available templates choose “Merge SKUs”

Step 3:  Click on the blue Upload File button to select the csv file you created for the merge. By default the Fba SKU will be the “surviving” SKU.  If you want to have the Mf Skus be the surviving SKUs instead, check the MF Survivor box.  Learn more about MF survivor SKUs.

Step 4:  Click on Next Step and then Start Import to run the merge upload.  

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