If this is the first time you're reading about merged SKUs, please peruse this article first. Merged SKUs Explained.

Key Considerations:

  1. Your Surviving SKU - by default the FBA SKU is the SKU we keep and use as the identifier other channels.
  2. Having FBA and MF Inventory - you'll manage this on a single SKU in Zentail.

There are two ways to merge SKUs.

1. Automatically

If there are SKUs on your Amazon account that have the same ASIN and condition, but one is FBA and one is FBM then Zentail can automatically identify and merge these SKUs.  This is also done as part of your onboarding.

2. In Bulk

You can also use the Amazon MF SKU column on an import to tell which SKU to use as the FBM SKU on Amazon.

Moving forward, you do not need to create both FBA and merchant fulfilled SKUs.  A merged SKU will automatically be created if a new SKU is marked as FBA and has merchant fulfilled inventory.

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