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Managing Your Item Cost

Learn how to view and edit the item cost for your products

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On Zentail, the item cost is the cost to you, the seller, to acquire the product. Tracking your item costs on Zentail allows for actionable analytics, like reporting by profitability or suggesting the optimal reorder quantity.

If you are managing Kit SKUs, please note that the cost on the Kit SKU is a sum of the cost for all component SKUs.

There are a few ways you can edit the costs of your products on Zentail.

Through the Inventory & Pricing option on a SKU

  1. Find the SKU you want to edit in your catalog and click on it to open the Edit SKU sidebar.

  2. On the left sidebar, click on the Inventory & Pricing option under Manage Variant. Note: If this SKU is in a product group, you can choose whether the group shares pricing values (including Cost) or is individually priced.

  3. Edit the cost. Changes are saved automatically.

Using the QuickEdit view

  1. Navigate to your QuickEdit page. Notice that the Cost column is included by default

  2. If necessary, create any filters to find the product(s) you want to edit.

  3. Enter the new cost value, then navigate out of the cell (click off of it, or simply click 'Enter' or 'Return' on your keyboard).

All changes are saved automatically! For more information on QuickEdit, review the article: Quick Edit Catalog View.

Edit Cost through an Import

For comprehensive instructions, please refer to the article: Import / Export Overview

Please make sure to include the header/column Cost in the spreadsheet you import into Zentail.

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